A Jean-ius guide to looking right

A guide to finding jeans the right size – for YOU

Blue jeans and a white shirt- whether you are a man or woman, this outfit is guaranteed to be in your wardrobe. Whether frayed or faded or solid, a good pair of denim is the superstar of today’s fashion world. But many men and women stay away from this trend because they feel they don’t have the “right body” to carry it off.

A common mistake done is that everyone goes looking for the trendiest jeans without looking at how that fit or cut might look on them. It is possible to find an excellent fit for your body type. Jeans manufacturers pay attention to that sort of thing. They cater to everyone, but then why do we end up buying that pair that pinches our waist when we sit down or squat. If you have been uncomfortable in your jeans at any point, then reevaluate your size.

Spend some time understanding your body type, fit, and looking at different cuts, flares, and materials to find that perfect pair you can pull on without care.

A guide to finding jeans the right size - for YOU
A guide to finding jeans the right size – for YOU

What’s an ideal fit?

Understanding the ideal fit comes with understanding how each facet of your jeans should fit across different parts of your body. The zipper, the flare, and even the pockets’ placement contribute to how your jeans look on you.


It is the part that lies between your hips and your lowest rib. It is also where your tummy fat falls out of your buttoned jeans. Embrace it. Your tummy should snugly fit as you button your jeans. Do not suck in your stomach to button your jeans either. High rise jeans can contain your love handles and yet give you a smooth look on the outside. You shouldn’t feel the need to unbutton your jeans or pull it up before you sit down. Well-fitted jeans will not need a belt either. So if it’s loose by more than a pinch on both sides, you need to look at a smaller size. With mid or low rise jeans, look for a little bit of elastic at the waist for a comfy fit.


It is the fullest part of your body. A common and annoying scenario is when your waist fits, but it’s a struggle getting it beyond your thighs. Look at your back in the mirror and see how the jeans accentuate your shape. If it’s pulling it down or constricting it try on the next size. You shouldn’t do squats to make it stretch and fit. Choose jeans that have a bit of stretch in the fabric. Denim will eventually conform to your body and crease accordingly.


The thighs are below your hip and just above your knees. It is where inseam length (the distance between your crotch and the end of the pant opening) comes into play. If the material is biting into your crotch, then go for a larger size. If it bunches up, then go smaller. A snug fit is essential to give your legs smooth lines. Denim will stretch over time. You mustn’t go for something loose because in time the free areas will become limp.


The cut of the jeans, whether it’s flared, skinny or straight cut, is majorly decided here. The calf region – from the knees to the ankles- can make or break your look. Selecting a fit that caters to your body type is essential. Capri cuts have phased out and made way for full length tapered or straight cuts. Choose a figure-hugging style to make your look versatile.


The ankle is the point where you can flex your foot. Cropped jeans with frayed hems are the go-to look typically. Ankle length or full length, the jeans shouldn’t bunch around the ankles. At full extended length, the jeans should not graze the floor when barefoot. If everything else fits and this doesn’t, you can rectify this with alterations at the hem.

Checklist for the trial room

The best place to apply this theoretical knowledge would be in the dressing room. Here is a list of checks you can do within 5 minutes to get that dream fit.

Wear your jeans.

As you wear it, check if the buttons reach without you having to hold your breath. Do not squat or lunge to get the jeans to fit you right.

Check for smooth lines at your waist. Your tummy shouldn’t be spilling out of the waist areas.

Sit down.

If the waist cuts into your skin, this is not the size for you. You can also bend over to check the same.

Your butt shouldn’t feel squeezed. The lines of the pants shouldn’t dig into your butt cheeks. There shouldn’t be any bunching around your crotch, either. It will look unflattering to your silhouette.

Bunching around the ankles suggests inseam length issues.

Check the placement of your pockets.

The back pockets shouldn’t go down until your thighs, nor should it be too high. It should be in the downward curve of your butt cheek. The front pockets shouldn’t stand out against the outline of the jeans. It will help in achieving smooth lines, and the fabric hugs your body.

As denim is bound to get stretched with time, you must choose denim fabric with minimal stretch and a just-right fit.

When your jeans fit everywhere else, a little bit of hemming and sewing, here and there, can help your cause. Be sure to get your alterations done either in-store or at a reputed tailor.

What jeans size am I?

Sizes differ across brands. The sure way to be confident when you buy your next pair of jeans is to measure yourself and store that information away in inches. That way, by looking at the labels on the jeans- no matter what size they put on there- the inches measurement will let you know if it’s the right fit.

Use a soft measuring tape to measure in 5 areas.

  1. Around your waist just above your belly button. (waist)
  2. Around your hip at the fullest part of your body. (Tightness/ hip)
  3. From your crotch to your ankle. (inseam)
  4. Around one thigh.
  5. From your belly button to your crotch. (front rise)

While you measure relax your body to ensure accuracy. It should not seem too tight or too loose- just right.

What jeans size am I?

If you have a pair of almost perfect jeans, use these measurements to compare with it. That way, you can be sure of the approximate size and do your last verification in the shop.

You can even use online size calculators like Levi’s to understand your size better.

There’s more

Now that you know your size go ahead and buy a pair of jeans with your new-found knowledge. Depending on your height and body shape, certain cuts and flares of jeans will bring out the best of you. Experiment, get honest feedback from family, friends, and a great stylist to find those superstar jeans that make you look like a million bucks. A great pair of jeans might cost a bit. Splurging on something that you’re going to be often wearing and with ease, is worth it.

Remember that, however, your body shape is there is always a pair of jeans for you. Respect your body, and don’t be ashamed of it. Cast aside all the body shamers and trolling to be the fantastic person you are. It’s time to show the world what a woman can do with the right pair of denim.

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